A variety of flavoured milk chocolate-

Just Almond (Gluten Free)- milk chocolate with almond slices.

Chocolate Pretzel- milk chocolate with pieces of salted pretzel.

Honey (Gluten Free)- milk chocolate with honey flavouring. A milky, creamy, and caramelly taste.

Raisin & Biscuit- milk chocolate with raisins and chunks of digestive biscuits.

Orange 'n' Bits- milk chocolate with candied orange bits, and natural orange extract.

Cappuccino & Salted Caramel- a mix of milk and white chocolate with a cappuccino flavouring, with salted caramel crunch.

Rum & Raisin- milk chocolate with rum flavouring and raisins.

Hazelnut Bresilienne (Gluten Free)- milk chocolate with caramelised nibbed hazelnuts.

Honeycomb- milk chocolate with honeycomb nibbles.

Christmas Cake- milk Belgian chocolate with chunks of Brandy Soaked Fruit Cake.

Milk Flavoured Belgian Chocolate Bars


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