A variety of flavoured dark chocolate-

Chilli & Lime (Gluten Free)- dark chocolate with chilli extract and lime flavouring.

Peppermint Crisp- dark chocolate with puffed rice snaps with peppermint flavouring oil.

Chilli (Gluten Free)- dark chocolate with chilli extract.

80% (Gluten Free)- just right! not too bitter.

85% (Gluten Free)- Casa Luka 1906; Origin Tumaco. Extra dark chocolate, a defined aroma, Columbian cocoa, a bitter flavour and a subtle sweetness, combined with floral and fruity notes.

Ginger- dark chocolate with natural ginger extract and ginger pieces

Marmite- dark chocolate with Marmite extract. You'll either LOVE it or HATE it, but one to try.

Rum & Raisin-milk Belgian chocolate with Rum flavouring and raisins. 

Dark Flavoured Belgian Chocolate Bars


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